These rules exist to uphold protocol, bring Me joy and make things simpler for you. Learn them, commit them to memory and you will know exactly how to conduct yourself. Failure to do so will agitate and displease Me. 


In General 

  • You will address Me always as “Mistress” or “Mistress Lila” in and out of session. 
  • Remember that My attention is a privilege never to be taken for granted. 
  • You will embody the utmost reverence and respect in My presence. 
  • Mutual trust is our number one priority.
  • You are trusting Me with your body, mind and soul, thus, I am trusting you to take care of yourself.
  • Arrive at our session well rested, well hydrated and well fed. I need you to have taken your meds and to have mentally and emotionally prepared yourself for our session. 
  • It is your responsibly to make Me aware of any physical / emotional concerns you have, such as nerve damage, metal plates, epilepsy, triggers, and so on. This is incredibly important for both your and My personal health and safety. 
  • It is your responsibility to inform Me if you “go quiet” or “lose your words” in session. I’m all about trauma-informed consent, you just have to let Me know.


In session

  • Place payment in an unsealed envelope on the table in plain sight upon arrival without verbal exchange.
  • Our session begins with a negotiation. Although you will have filled out an in-depth session application that I will have studied, I still like to  check in on the day about how you are feeling and revise safe words and limits.
  • The safe words I use are Green, Orange & Red. 
    • Green - I'm fine, keep going, everything is good. 
    • Orange - Whatever is happening might need to change or slow down.
    • Red - I need to stop, break out of the head-space and check in. 
  • you are 100% responsible for asserting your own boundaries and using the safewords we have agreed upon. No, Stop and Don't are not safewords. 
  • When in the bathroom you will undress and fold your clothes neatly leaving them in a small tidy pile. you will then shower and freshen your breath.
  • When you re-enter the dungeon you will “Assume the position” on the towel in front of My chair and wait for Me. The position is you on your knees and elbows, head down and palms facing up. 
  • you will demonstrate proper manners in My presence. “Yes Mistress”, “No Mistress”, “Thank You Mistress”. If you forget your manners one too many times you will be punished. 
  • When asked a question your reply must be upfront and honest. Never tell me what you think I want to hear as it only wastes time. “I’m sorry” is not an answer or an excuse. Be very careful about what comes out of your mouth in My presence. You have been warned. 
  • you will remain kneeling unless I instruct you to stand.
  • Crawl unless I instruct you to walk.
  • Focus and do not fidget unless I have instructed you to be “At ease”.
  • Advocate for your own experience. Knowing that I only do as I please and expect hard work from you, you are free to ask for whatever you like.
    For example-

“Permission to speak Mistress?"
“Yes slave"
“May I please request less face slapping and more spanking” 
“Of course you can slave”.