I welcome clients of all backgrounds, sizes, abilities, languages, religions, ethnicities and genders. 

I make a special effort to operate in spaces which are wheelchair accessible, and I genuinely enjoy spending time with a diversity of lovers. If you are feeling nervous about making a booking because you think I may not take clients "like you", feel free to reach out via text or email. I promise I don't bite! 




You may think that it goes without saying, but not everyone loves power play with their punchings. Well, I do. 

If you have a deep craving to be of service, to feel purposeful, useful and owned, to be beneath, and belonged to, you have come to the right place.
I am your Mistress.

Everything Anal

I am an ass whisperer. Surrender your forbidden fuck hole to Me and and we will both be very happy.
I love to relax, seduce, electrocute, and violate both beginners and veteran anal sluts alike.
I am experienced in all facets of this arena - prostate massage, digits (fingers), toys, butt-plugs, stainless steel hooks, strap-ons of every size, anal stretching, enemas (erotic, torture, practical) fisting and more.
If you can come up with something new, I will be very surprised!

Age Play

Mummy or Daddy is what comes most naturally to Me even when it isn’t called upon. It is where I feel most at home, My true passion.
I am well versed in ABDL, breastfeeding fantasies, dress ups, taboo age play role-play, nappies, dummies, toys, sippy cups, changing, bath time, nursing and more is what I am familiar with and phenomenal at.

Cross dressing

Let's get queer as fuck together!
Full transformations, lesbian play dates, sissification and role-play are all available and encouraged even if you are shy and nervous about exploring such things.

Maybe it it simply about the sensation or naughtiness of lingerie that excites you? Perhaps you are ready to explore another gender for a day? Or maybe its humiliation you seek?

I have a colossal collection of wigs, boots, heels, breast-forms etc, so feel free to leave it in My hands. If there is a specific item you desire to incorporate into our session please let Me know, I am happy to include it.


I am experienced in urinary catheterisation, hypodermic needle play piercing, urethral sounding, electrics TENS units, violet wand and esteem vibrator, skin stapling, examination and all kinds of medical role play.

I am aroused almost above all else by fear and vulnerability. Medical play is so close to My heart because what is invasive can be frightening and your fear makes Me wet.

Play Piercing

Temporary hypodermic needles. One of My all time favourite things and most studied topics.


Ball-busting, cock bondage, TENS unit, electrosex, pegs, all kinds of impact, urethral sounding, needles, electrics, clamps, weights, hot sauce, castration role play and the list goes on.

What outrageous things will you put up with for My entertainment? Explore your limits with an expert.

Impact play

Be it for corporal punishment, correction or catharsis I am a squealing sadist!
You name it, I will hit you with it!
Flogging, paddling, caning, riding crop, bare hands, kicking, punching... bring it on!


Restraint, rope bondage and partial suspension, take-down, leather, predicament bondage, hoods, mummification and total enclosure. All are available and something I am very enthusiastic about. 
Put yourself in My capable hands.


I offer mummification sessions at discounted rate as it's a meditative process that deserves plenty of time and patience. Layer after layer I will cocoon and own you, taking away your humanity until you are purely My object, floating in a heightened state.


I’m a foot freak!
I’m into almost anything to do with feet. Bastinado, foot canning, biting, elastic band torture, electro torture, toe bondage, trampling of any kind, and foot, boot, heel and stocking worship.


Feet, stockings, boots, heels, pantyhose, custard, gloves, smoking, latex, ponytails. The possibilities are endless.
Lets explore all the ways to interact with your object of desire.


Violet wand with endless attachments, E-Stim vibrator and TENS unit,  also with plenty of attachments, are all things on offer and are things I am experienced with.

Water sports

Ah Piss! The sweetest of nectars!
Being pissed on, simply watching Me piss, Me pissing in your mouth, giving you an enema with My piss, or you can even drink it chilled from a wine glass if you should fancy.
Pissing in a nappy then making you wear it, making you piss yourself, catheterising you and using your piss for all sorts of things.
I am passionate about piss and all its possibilities. Try Me.

Financial domination

One off wallet rape, long term regular tributes, blackmail role play, shopping trips.
Work hard for My money and give give give!

Rough Stuff

Now we are talking! I enjoy face-slapping, hair pulling, punching, kicking, biting, pressure points, take downs. Primal, animalistic, hot! See how much of My divine abuse you can handle. There is strength in suffering.


Torture and tease.
Pegs, clamps, weights, needles, fire, predicament bondage... let Me show you the real reason evolution left men with nipples.


Hot, light, playful, intense, or, delightfully startling.
An “English massage” is cane strokes, hot wax on the ass and more cane strokes to clean off the wax. Come let me coat you in scalding hot candle-wax for both our pleasures.


My first and deepest love!
It involves tarps, a blow up pool and litres of custard and sauce. This service does require a lot of preparation so do be considerate and provide a good deal of advance notice.


Fetishistic sessions, dressing experiences and latex worship.

Tie and tease

Erotic, classic and creative. Is there anything more hot that anticipation?

Sessions without domination

Maybe you want to simply dip your toe in the water? Maybe you have been thinking of such things for some time but are unsure about how far you want to go.
Maybe you want to be a better dominant by experiencing the sensations you give your sub.
Exploration of sensations, implements or fetishes without power play are all available.


I have trained in all forms of tantra for years. I like to use the tools of breath, sound and movement to deepen our bond, heighten the senses and fly higher. You will be driven to unknown delights by My imaginative sessions.


Orgasm control, edging, forced orgasm, orgasm denial, ruined orgasms, milking etc. I love to guide people through the endless realm of different orgasm experiences- something few people allow themselves to enjoy. 

Body Worship

I allow bare face-sitting, smothering, and, breast, ass and foot worship in My sessions. I also offer full service, but only to slaves who have thoroughly earned it.
It is never guaranteed, and always for My pleasure if I deem you worthy. Perhaps the thought that I might fuck you will get you though the wrath of My sadism. Endure it and be rewarded.

What don't I do

These are non-negotiable.

If you even bring such things up I will consider you unworthy of any further attention.
You have been warned.

- Brown showers
- Roman showers
- Skewers - just, no
- Crushing (insects or animals)
- “No Mercy” sessions
- Wrestling
- Lift and Carry sessions