Frequently asked questions


+ Can i be your slave?


I do accept exceptional individuals as personal slaves, but only those who embody absolute reverence, and see servitude as part of who they are, will be considered.

See My slave application page here.

+ What is the best way to contact You?

This website, obviously. It's what it is for.

You can text My personal assistant Alex on 0403 649 211 if you have a question that My website does not answer. But please do thoroughly read My website as My copy-slave hasn't done all this work for nothing.

If you text with questions that are covered on My site I will consider you lazy, thus, undesirable. You have been warned.

+ What do You offer?

My offerings page is here.

If you don't see what you are looking for, check the "What I don't offer" section, and the rest of the FAQs page, as that might answer your question.

If you have done that and still cant find it listed anywhwere you are welcome to ask via text.

+ How do I make a deposit?

Once you have made a booking, My account details will be provided in your confirmation email.

You can then withdraw the money from an ATM, and make a cash deposit to My account at your nearest Commonwealth Bank.

This is the most discreet way of making a deposit.

+ What are your rates?

Read My Tribute page to find out.

+ Can I pay by credit card?

Not at this stage but I am working on being able to offer this in the future.

+ Can I have a discount?

I occasionally offer discounts for long sessions that involve things like mummification, ignoring, and lock and leave.

If you're genuinely looking for this type of session you can inquire respectfully.

+ When will You be in my city next?

Read My Availability page.

Also if you head to Apply for a session and put in your city, the calendar will bring up the dates and times I have left available in that city.

+ How can I spoil Mistress?

I have a page all about this here.

+ What equipment do you have?

I have a special page just for this here. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask as I may have recently acquired it.

+ What do i need to bring?

Other than payment in an unsealed envelope nothing.

I supply everything. There is precious little that I do not already possess for sessions.

Gifts are always nice though, study the things I like on My Spoil Me page.

+ Do you own latex?


For Me - Catsuit, stockings, garter belt, tops, panties, corsets, pencil skirts etc

For you - Hoods, long gloves, corset, M catsuit, pink panties.

+ What do I have to do to prepare for a strap on session?


There is rarely that much mess, and I would much rather deal with what little there is than shitty water from a rushed and hurried enema.

Light anal douching is only recomended for heavy strap on or fisting sessions.

+ Do You do “No Mercy / No safe-word” sessions?

I do not offer actual No-mercy/no safe-word sessions.

I can offer a very convincing fantasy or role-play of this scenario, however a safeword is required.

Safe words are a necessary part of the experience. They are there for our safety.

+ What don’t You do?

  • Brown showers
  • Actual castration
  • No safe-word sessions
  • Beastiality
  • “Surprise” sessions for your partner
  • Switch or submissive sessions

These are all non-negotiable.

No matter what our prior arrangements and sessions have been like, if you even suggest such activities I will no longer allow you to see Me.

+ Do You allow intimate body touch or worship during session?


But it is in no way guaranteed. It should be considered the utmost reward for slaves who have gone above and beyond to impress Me. If it does happen it should be considered an absolute privilege, and you should know that it is all about My pleasure.

Challenge yourself to be worthy.

+ Do You offer penis in vagina (PIV) sex in session?

Yes and no.

I might fuck slaves as a reward for those who have gone above and beyond to impress Me. But this will be done at My own whim.

+ Do I need to shave?

No. you don’t need to shave your pubic hair.

But if it is long, trim it so that I don’t have to dig through a jungle of public hair to find your bits.

This will affect the quality of our time together so be respectful.

+ Are You a smoker?

I am a non-smoker but I happily cater to smoking fetishists.

+ Do You see clients with disabilities?

I’m a neurodiversity advocate and an able-bodied ally, so yes, I welcome slaves and fetishists of every level of ability, both physical and intellectual.

I have training with Touching Base and am comfortable and confident with assisting with any and all of your needs.

you are very welcome to get in touch to discuss your specific needs if you like.

If filling out My online from is tricky for you we can simply arrange our booking over the phone.

If talking over the phone is a barrier for you we can arrange our booking via email.

If all of that is tricky I’m also comfortable chatting to your carer, or relative etc.

+ Can You come to me?

Yes, I offer out-calls in the CBD and surrounding areas but incalls are always My strong preference and in My experience make for a much better session.